Mixed Reaction to Venus’ New Look

Venus Williams took out the number 12 seed in her opening match at the U.S. Open on Monday.  She played a great match which has not been her norm since being diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome, an autoimmune disease, in 2011.  Not only did her play catch my eye, her new look did as well.

Venus wore a dress from her own Eleven line that I actually like. It makes for a very pretty dress, but much like the dress she wore at this year’s Aussie Open, it is better for off court activities.  The floral pattern on a black background is on-trend–I saw a dress with a similar pattern at Macy’s recently. But it’s just not sporty enough to be a tennis dress.

Venus US

But then there’s Venus’ hair…it’s pink. Venus started rocking the colored weave at the 2012 Olympics. I’m all for showing patriotism in any way possible so I guess I didn’t mind her red, white and blue locks. But this pink hair is looking a little Allegra’s Window-y. Yep. Betcha didn’t think I’d take you down Memory Lane did ya?

Venus' patriotic hair at the 2012 Olympics in London

Venus’ patriotic hair at the 2012 Olympics in London


Left: Allegra of "Allegra's Window" fame. Right: Allegra's hair twin, Venus Williams

Left: Allegra of “Allegra’s Window” fame. Right: Allegra’s hair twin, Venus Williams

*Photo credits top to bottom: Eurweb.com, Rollingout.com, Ebay.com (Allegra’s Window), Washingtonpost.com (Venus)

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