A Look at the 2014 FedEx ATP Performance Zone Photos

While keeping up with the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships at work using the live tracker on the ATP website, I came across this picture.

FedEx ATP Performance Zone

It is part of an advertisement for the FedEx ATP Performance Zone.

I was struck with some thoughts on the facial expressions of all four players featured.

Andy Murray looks disinterested yet angry…and also a little sunburned.

Novak Djokovic looks hungry to reclaim the number one ranking again.

Roger Federer’s face seems to be saying. “Hey! Wait for me!” as the others surpass his greatness and leave him in the ashes of mediocrity, his flames of glory having burned out long ago.

But my favorite is Nadal. He is showing us his Rico Suave face. “Hello, ladies. My name is Rafael Nadal and I want to be your Latin lover,” it seems to say. I also have to applaud him also for managing to get his ultra muscular left arm into a headshot. Way to show off those guns, Rafa.

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2013 Aussie Open Nike Preview

With just nine days before the start of the 2013 Australian Open, we get a look at Nike’s newest collections.

For men, there is the Rafa Spring group, of which the main items are a purple top with an orange neckline and gray shorts.  I do not like the orange and purple combo, so I’m giving this look two thumbs down.  Fortunately for my eyes, but unfortunately for the tennis world–who wouldn’t want to see another nearly six hour classic final, except maybe Djokovic and Nadal himself?– Rafa will be missing this year’s Australian Open due to a stomach virus.

Nike's Rafa Spring collection

Nike’s Rafa Spring collection

The RF collection, for Roger Federer, is better but still a swing and a miss.  One shirt option is blue while the other is gray with pink .  Blue is tricky to do at the Australian Open because of the blue courts.  And Federer has done pink before; at the Rogers Masters in Toronto in 2010.  He may choose to wear one color for night matches and the other for day.

Nike's RF collection

Nike’s RF collection

Nike players who aren’t Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer basically get a choice between two ugly looks. The first, the Advantage polo, is covered in geometric shapes and comes in black and white or blue and red.  The black and white is less ugly so I hope more players choose it.  The second, the Sphere stripe polo, is covered in dizzying lines .  The colors aren’t bad but I would hate to play against someone wearing it.

The Advantage graphic polo

The Advantage graphic polo

The Sphere stripe polo

The Sphere stripe polo

Unlike Adidas, Nike’s men’s and women’s clothes are very different, except for a few questionable color choices.

First, there is the Grand Group, composed of two styles of dresses, the pleated and the flouncy, the popular Princess tank, and two styles of skirts, again pleated and flouncy.  While I like the style of the pleated dress, I don’t like the color combination.  The flouncy dresses are not very interesting and that peachy-orange color, which Nike is calling melon, is just plain ugly.

Left to right, Grand pleated dress, Grand flouncy dress in Melon, Grand flouncy dress in Ultraviolet

Left to right, Grand pleated dress, Grand flouncy dress in Melon, Grand flouncy dress in Ultraviolet

Nike has been doing the Princess tank for at least a few seasons now.  I like the style of it but the colors this season make no sense.  The white has orange and “melon” on the straps which I can deal with.  But then on the purple, the neon yellow straps totally come out of left field.  Nowhere else in the Grand Collection does neon yellow appear.

Nike Grand princess tanks

Nike Grand Princess tanks

I like the Grand pleated skirts– except in “melon” of course.  That color needs to be banned.–because they are classic tennis skirts.

Nike Grand pleated skirts

Nike Grand pleated skirts

But the flouncy skirts need to go.  I’m not a fan of the asymmetrical hem line because it looks messy.  And again, the gray comes out of left field.  Like the neon yellow, it appears nowhere else in the collection.

Nike Grand flouncy skirt

Nike Grand flouncy skirt

Nike also put out the Spring group which is just the Grand group done in black, yellow, and gray, much like Adidas’ collections.  Adidas however, used a bright yellow, whereas Nike used a paler yellow.  In the battle of the yellows, Adidas wins because bright yellow looks better than light yellow when paired with black.

Left to right: Nike Spring pleated dress, Princess tank, pleated skirt and flouncy skirt

Left to right: Nike Spring pleated dress, Princess tank, pleated skirt and flouncy skirt

Finally, there is the Maria Group, created for Maria Sharapova, though others have worn it. The colors are the same as the Spring group, and I still don’t like the yellow.  There are three items; a tank, an A-line skirt, and a dress.  I like the design but not the color of the tank.

Maria tank

Maria tank

The skirt isn’t too bad in the black or the white.  But the trim on the bottom of the yellow is an ugly color.  Adidas made the same mistake in its men’s barricade collection, by blending black and yellow to make a dark greenish-gray color that never looks good.

Maria skirtsThe dress would be pretty if not for that geometric design at the top.  Something about it just doesn’t look right.  But I like the fade from yellow to white and the design is very feminine.  Maria usually has a day look and a night look, but the night look has yet to be released.

Maria dressOverall, I am not a fan of these Nike collections.  But this is just one blogger’s opinion.  Tell me what you think!

*All photos courtesy of TennisWarehouse.com







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Best and Worst Dressed of Roland Garros 2011

Congratulations to Na Li and Rafael Nadal on their French Open titles!  But now it’s time for Center Court Catwalk to congratulate the fashion winners and shake its head with pity at the fashion losers of Roland Garros.

First up, the ones who dressed to impress.

Roger Federer

Federer looked classy, as always, in a striped Nike polo and white shorts.  Simple but sharp.

Daniela Hantuchova

Hantuchova looked great in this Adidas dress. I just love bright pink for the French Open! And her dress just says ‘Summer.’

Jelena Jankovic

Jankovic, like Hantuchova, wisely chose to wear pink.  And bonus, unlike Hantuchova, she was the only one to wear this dress.

Na Li

Li wore pieces from the Nike Summer Group.  Other players like Sabine Lisicki and Petra Kvitova wore pieces from this collection as well but none wore them better than the winner of the women’s title.

Maria Sharapova

Sharapova, like Roger Federer, always looks classy and this was no exception.  Her yellow dress was inspired by the EifelTower, making it only too appropriate for the French Open.

Finally in the Best Dressed category is Sam Stosur.

Though she was knocked out early, she looked good in her red and white striped Lacoste dress.  I love pink for the French Open but I love red as well.  Though many Lacoste players wore a variation of the striped ensemble, Stosur was the only one to my knowledge who wore it in red.

And now to those who disappointed.

Anybody who wore Fila, especially Kim Clijsters.

Monica Seles was great.  This outfit inspired by her is not.  Unfortunately for her, Clijsters was knocked out early.  On the other hand, fortunately for our eyeballs she was knocked out early.

Bethanie Mattek-Sands

Mattek-Sands wore three different ensembles in three different matches.  This was the worst.  I don’t know where to begin. The eye black design, the one-shoulder atrocity of a dress or the black tube socks.  It all adds up to one very bad look.

And last but not least, Gael Monfils

I’m all for bright colors but this is the wrong one. Purple.  Need I say more?

*All images, excepting Mattek-Sands (Sports Illustrated) and Monfils (AP), courtesy of Getty Images

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