Fashion Face-Off: Serena vs. Azarenka

This face-off of the two women’s finalists is Nike vs. Nike.  Both also ended up on the worst-dressed list.

Serena wore a Nike dress made of Nike’s new combo material of Dri-Fit and spandex jersey.  Her day dress was pink and her night dress was gray. I’m not a fan of either.


The good thing is that at least on Serena, it doesn’t look like an ice skating costume as it does on the model on

ice skating Nike


Azarenka also wore clothing made of Dri-fit and jersey spandex. It too is bad, especially the high waisted skirt.


However, props go to Azarenka for not choosing the purple version.

purple skirt Nike

I regretfully declare Serena the winner of this contest. In no other situation would that dress have been picked as a winner. That should speak volumes to how very bad Azarenka’s outfit is.


*Photo credits top to bottom: Zimbio (Serena left), (Serena right),, USA Today,

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Nike a big flop at U.S. Open

At this year’s U.S. Open, very little Nike apparel was visually pleasing.  Here’s a look at some of the worst.


Victoria Azarenka wore two of Nike’s pieces that are made of Dri-Fit material and spandex jersey, the fabric that lends the skirt and top their slightly heathered look. I’m not a fan of the effect. Nor am I a fan of the high waisted skirt–and yes, it is supposed to be high waisted.  As a rule, the only high waisted article of clothing anybody should wear is a pencil skirt, and even those are not exactly “in” anymore.



Bouchard & Keys

Eugenie Bouchard wore this creation that was supposed to be worn by Maria Sharapova who withdrew before the tournament.  I’m not entirely sure what the pattern is supposed to be–New York City skyline and harbor maybe?–but whatever it is, it’s ugly. And the undershorts that stick out? Not a good look. I expect better from Sharapova.



Serena’s pink dress was for day matches and the gray for night matches.  Both were bad. The skirt was a bad play on the current high-low dress trend. But instead of the front being high and the back low, the sides were high and the front and back were low. And like Azarenka’s pieces, these dresses are also heathered.  It looks good on neither.


Federer US Open

I don’t know what happened here. Federer is usually so well dressed. Then again, Federer usually makes it past the fourth round and he didn’t do that at this year’s U.S. Open either.  Much like Caroline Wozniacki’s Adidas by Stella McCartney dress, there’s one too many shades of blue here. Those shorts don’t even remotely go with the rest of the look.


Nadal US Open

Finally, Rafael Nadal wore this all gray get-up for his night matches.  Why was Nike obsessed with gray? It looks good sometimes but too much is drab. And looking at this outfit makes me sad. I’m also not a fan of the Pepto pink swooshes.


Na Li

The outfit worn by Na Li was Nike’s shining start of the tournament. When I saw it on, I thought it was so ugly. So maybe it’s one of those things that looks better on you than it does on the hanger.  But then the gray raises its ugly head on her skirt. But it was so short–so short in fact that her normal tan lines were not covered by it–that it wasn’t over powering, unlike Azarenka’s too-long skirt, Serena’s night dress, and Nadal’s all gray outfit.


*Photo credits top to bottom: USA Today,, Zimbio (Serena left), (Serena right), (Federer, Nadal, Li)

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