Fashion Face-Off: Serena vs. Azarenka

This face-off of the two women’s finalists is Nike vs. Nike.  Both also ended up on the worst-dressed list.

Serena wore a Nike dress made of Nike’s new combo material of Dri-Fit and spandex jersey.  Her day dress was pink and her night dress was gray. I’m not a fan of either.


The good thing is that at least on Serena, it doesn’t look like an ice skating costume as it does on the model on

ice skating Nike


Azarenka also wore clothing made of Dri-fit and jersey spandex. It too is bad, especially the high waisted skirt.


However, props go to Azarenka for not choosing the purple version.

purple skirt Nike

I regretfully declare Serena the winner of this contest. In no other situation would that dress have been picked as a winner. That should speak volumes to how very bad Azarenka’s outfit is.


*Photo credits top to bottom: Zimbio (Serena left), (Serena right),, USA Today,

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Nike a big flop at U.S. Open

At this year’s U.S. Open, very little Nike apparel was visually pleasing.  Here’s a look at some of the worst.


Victoria Azarenka wore two of Nike’s pieces that are made of Dri-Fit material and spandex jersey, the fabric that lends the skirt and top their slightly heathered look. I’m not a fan of the effect. Nor am I a fan of the high waisted skirt–and yes, it is supposed to be high waisted.  As a rule, the only high waisted article of clothing anybody should wear is a pencil skirt, and even those are not exactly “in” anymore.



Bouchard & Keys

Eugenie Bouchard wore this creation that was supposed to be worn by Maria Sharapova who withdrew before the tournament.  I’m not entirely sure what the pattern is supposed to be–New York City skyline and harbor maybe?–but whatever it is, it’s ugly. And the undershorts that stick out? Not a good look. I expect better from Sharapova.



Serena’s pink dress was for day matches and the gray for night matches.  Both were bad. The skirt was a bad play on the current high-low dress trend. But instead of the front being high and the back low, the sides were high and the front and back were low. And like Azarenka’s pieces, these dresses are also heathered.  It looks good on neither.


Federer US Open

I don’t know what happened here. Federer is usually so well dressed. Then again, Federer usually makes it past the fourth round and he didn’t do that at this year’s U.S. Open either.  Much like Caroline Wozniacki’s Adidas by Stella McCartney dress, there’s one too many shades of blue here. Those shorts don’t even remotely go with the rest of the look.


Nadal US Open

Finally, Rafael Nadal wore this all gray get-up for his night matches.  Why was Nike obsessed with gray? It looks good sometimes but too much is drab. And looking at this outfit makes me sad. I’m also not a fan of the Pepto pink swooshes.


Na Li

The outfit worn by Na Li was Nike’s shining start of the tournament. When I saw it on, I thought it was so ugly. So maybe it’s one of those things that looks better on you than it does on the hanger.  But then the gray raises its ugly head on her skirt. But it was so short–so short in fact that her normal tan lines were not covered by it–that it wasn’t over powering, unlike Azarenka’s too-long skirt, Serena’s night dress, and Nadal’s all gray outfit.


*Photo credits top to bottom: USA Today,, Zimbio (Serena left), (Serena right), (Federer, Nadal, Li)

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A Look Back at James Blake

For the second consecutive year, an American man has announced his retirement from the tour at the U.S. Open.  Last year, it was Andy Roddick. This year, it was James Blake.  Blake’s career ended in the wee hours of the morning on August 29–just after the stroke of midnight, in fact.  Since I did a look back at Andy Roddick last year, I felt the need to do one for James Blake as well.

In the early 2000s, Blake rocked the fro…or whatever you call this wild ‘do.

Whoa! Big hair!

Whoa! Big hair!

When he returned from his serious neck injury in 2005, his head was cleanly shaven but he kept the sweatband.

Silky smooth

Silky smooth

At the 2006 U.S. Open, he paid tribute to Andre Agassi by wearing a replica of the outfit Agassi wore in the 1990 French Open final, right down to the neon pink undershorts.

Time machine look

Time machine look

Blake's inspiration from 16 years before

Blake’s inspiration from 16 years before

Blake’s career was plagued by lows but balanced out with an equal number of highs.  He was once ranked as high as No. 4 in the world (2006), has 10 career titles to his name, and a 362-251 record.  Though he never made it farther than the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam event, he gave us lots of good memories and he will be missed.

*Photo credits top to bottom:,,, uncredited

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Sharapova’s night dress nothing to write home about

I couldn’t wait to see what Maria Sharapova was going to wear for night matches at this year’s U.S. Open.  I was especially excited when I saw what her day dress looked like.  But last night when Sharapova debuted her night match dress, I was severely disappointed.  Below is a photo taken from that shows Sharapova’s night dress from the front and back.

Sharapova’s 2012 U.S. Open night match dress

The dress isn’t ugly but it’s nothing special, especially for Sharapova.  Her other U.S. Open night match dresses have included a Little Black Dress with a bejeweled neckline and a deep purple dress with tuxedo lapels.  I wasn’t a fan of the tuxedo dress but at least it was more visually interesting than this year’s.  The most interesting thing about Sharapova’s night ensemble this year is her earrings, which are actually very pretty.

Sharapova’s black and silver earrings are the best part of her night look
*photo courtesy of The Associated Press


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Adidas strikes again!

Ana Ivanovic may have won her first round match at the U.S. Open 6-3 6-2 over qualifier Elina Svitolina but she won’t be winning any fashion awards.  She wore the Adidas adizero fall dress in yellow.  On, it doesn’t look too bad…

Adidas Fall adizero dress
*courtesy of


But there is something about this dress on someone that just makes it the ugliest tennis dress ever.

Ana Ivanovic wearing the Adidas adizero Fall dress
*courtesy of Getty Images


The bad thing is that Ivanovic is not the only player to wear this unfortunate get-up.  Sorana Cirstea, who took out Sabine Lisicki yesterday in the first round, is also wearing this dress.  Daniela Hantuchova, who lost her first round match to Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, also wore this dress.

This dress is available in pink, as Ivanovic demonstrated at the recent Rogers Cup in Montreal.  Somehow, the pink dress is nowhere near as bad as the yellow. In fact, I think the pink dress is actually quite a nice dress.

Ana Ivanovic wears the Adidas Fall adizero dress in pink
*courtesy of Associated Press

Even more unfortunate than the yellow women’s dress is the Adidas men’s adizero Fall crew in yellow which looks bad both on and off the wearer.


Adidas Fall adizero crew in yellow. Too ugly for words.
*courtesy of



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Maria Sharapova sitting pretty

Maria Sharapova defeated Melinda Czink two and two in her first round match at the U.S. Open today and she looked good doing it. Sharapova debuted a simple pink and gray dress that is just the right amount of power and beauty.

Sharapova debuts her 2012 U.S. Open day dress

I do not, however, understand the red undershorts…

Red undershorts. What?

The pink dress Sharapova wore is her day match dress. Since she is one of the game’s top players, she is sure to play a night match at some point during the fortnight in New York.  Most players have a night ensemble as well, and Sharapova is no exception as she has shown in the past.  So what will this year’s night dress be?  We must wait in anticipation.


*all photos courtesy of Getty Images

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Best and Worst Fashion of the 2011 U.S. Open


The U.S. Open may be over but the on-court fashion is still fresh in my mind. Let’s recap the best and worst dressed of the tournament.

                First up…those who impressed.

                Maria Sharapova only got to wear this dress one time which is a shame because it was so much better than her day dress.  As always though, she dressed to impress. And  it was an improvement over last year’s harsh tuxedo dress. 


Sharapova at the 2010 U.S. Open


                Ana Ivanovic’s performance at this year’s U.S. Open wasn’t her best but the dress she wore is. 

                Venus Williams shocked the tennis world with her departure from the tournament after her first round match due to an autoimmune disease.  I was also shocked by her dress.  I like the front…the back not so much. 

The front of Venus' dress......and the back.


Which brings me to the worst dressed. 

                Bethanie Mattek-Sands has made a career out of dressing like a fool.

Right now, you are looking at this picture thinking, “What does Amy have against Mattek-Sands? This actually looks normal.”  Go ahead, scroll down…

Why yes, those are American flag socks.  Patriotism is nice, but not as a pair of socks.

                Nadia Petrova appears to be wearing child pajamas. 

                Svetlana Kuznetsova, the 80s called. They want their clothes back.

                Marin Cilic must be taking fashion advice from Kuznetsova because this ensemble is just as retro-bad as hers. 

*All images courtesy of Getty Images

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What Will Woz Wear?

It’s more than safe to say that Caroline Wozniacki has exhausted the Adidas by Stella McCartney collection that hit the court earlier this year. She has worn nearly every item in the collection from the pleated skirt with the sheer top to the pleated skirt with the drapey top to the ruffle dress.

Caroline Wozniacki, shown here at New Haven, in an Adidas by Stella McCartney pleated skirt, drape top and orange bra top. Courtesy Getty Images.


Wozniacki, shown here at Wimbledon, in the white ruffle dress from Adidas by Stella McCartney. Courtesy Getty Images.


  The new Adidas by Stella McCartney collection has arrived, just in time for the U.S. Open. And thank goodness for something new.  But these items are just not edgy enough for the U.S. Open.  Last year, Woz wowed fans and fashion critics alike with her gray sheath and bright yellow undershorts and bra top.  This year, the colors are so toned down it’s just not exciting.  The new collection is at least, for the most part, very feminine.  But most players like to wear something different for night and day matches in New York.  I just can’t see any of these items on the big stage in New York at night. 

So what exactly will Woz wear?  My guess, since she usually wears dresses at the majors (and separates at the smaller tournaments), is that she will wear the white dress in the collection.  The illusion of wearing two tops while really only wearing one has been a big trend this year…unfortunately.  I’m not a fan of the look but I like the rest of the dress and I know Woz can rock it.

New white Adidas by Stella McCartney dress. Courtesy

The other fashion diva whose dress I am looking forward to seeing is Maria Sharapova.  Her day dress has been released (I’m not a fan. The drab colors and the panel down the front are just odd to me.) but her night dress remains under wraps. 

Nike Maria Sharapova Ace Day dress. Courtesy

Both women play on Monday—assuming the tournament starts on time due to Hurricane Irene—so we don’t have to wait too long until Arthur Ashe turns into the catwalk.

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