I Saw What I Didn’t Want to See

Earlier this month, I bemoaned a  few new pieces of clothing in the new Nike and Adidas collections. I hoped–prayed!–that they wouldn’t show up at the Australian Open. But alas, they did.

Australian teenager Thanasi Kokkinakis wore Nike’s Gladiator short but I really wish he hadn’t.


Eugenie Bouchard wore a high-waisted skirt from the Maria Sharapova Nike collection. Again, I wish she hadn’t. This high-waisted tennis skirt trend needs to die, like yesterday. Somehow, they’ve found a way to make some of the fittest athletes in the world look frumpy.


Victoria Azarenka wore a top that I don’t mind actually, but didn’t think I’d see. I’m just glad she didn’t pair it with a high-waisted skirt.

Azarenka Aussie 2014

I really hope Nike goes back to the drawing board after this tournament because they’ve really churned out some ugly stuff in the past six months.

*All photos courtesy of AustralianOpen.com

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What the heck is a skapri?

Yesterday, I visited my friendly neighborhood Academy Sports and Outdoors store for a completely un-tennis-related matter.  As I was looking around in the women’s clothing department, I stumbled upon these:

skapriBehold: The “Skapri.”  That’s right, the “skapri.”  For those of us familiar with tennis skirts, we know that many of them come with shorts built in underneath. But these…oh no. These come with cropped leggings underneath.  I have just one question: WHY?  This is one heinous piece of clothing.  And who’s to blame?  My guess: Victoria Azarenka.

Vika is my favorite women’s tennis player but during this year’s Australian Open, she continually wore purple leggings under her peachy dress as seen below.

Vika leggings

This is just not a good look. And might I also say, unnecessary?  I know cold tennis.  The high school tennis season started in January back when I was competing.  One particular tournament had me playing in 30 degree weather with North winds reaching at least 30mph.  And I managed to do it in nothing but my skirt and tennis tank…and Under Armour long sleeves…and fleece jacket…and warmed up wearing my leather letterman jacket.  But nothing on my legs. Sure, it was cold but after a while I warmed up.  I see no point in wearing built-in cropped leggings. What if you get hot? Then you’re screwed.  Why can’t we just slip some pants on under our skirts and over our undershorts? Why can’t we, Nike? Why can’t we?


*Photo credits: Nike Skapris courtesy of Nike.com; Victoria Azarenka courtesy of Zimbio.com

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Aussie Open Women’s Final: Nike vs. Nike

Na Li beat Maria Sharapova to reach her second Australian Open final and Victoria Azarenka beat Sloane Stephens to reach her second Australian Open final as well.  Not only is this a great match-up, it sets up an all Nike final.  Both Na Li and Azarenka wore clothes from the Grand group.  Azarenka wore the Grand flouncy dress in melon while Na Li wore the Grand flouncy skirt and polo.  The theme of this fashion face-off is pick-your-poison.  Na Li  chose the worst skirt in the collection.  I hate the asymmetrical hem line because it looks messy.  The only saving grace is its color.

Na Li


The opposite can be said about Azarenka’s dress.  The color is the worst part.  It’s called melon but looks like peaches and cream.  And it’s pretty boring to boot.



The winner of the match has yet to be decided but I regretfully choose Na Li as the winner in this fashion face-off.

*Photo credits: AustralianOpen.com

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WTS? Why the shorts?

Although Jamie Hampton put up one heck of a fight last night against Victoria Azarenka, I have some serious problems with what she wore. Well, OK, one serious problem.  The shorts.


It’s no secret that female tennis players wear shorts under their skirts or dresses.  In fact, they have become part of the fashion statement of the overall look (remember Maria’s red shorts under her pink and lavender dress? Did it make sense? No. Did it make a statement? Yes, but I’m still trying to figure out just what that statement was.). But the shorts you see sticking out from Jamie Hampton’s skirt can’t possibly be a fashion statement.  If they were, I would assume she would pick a different, more bold color rather than the black with the gray.

The only purpose these can possibly serve is 1) they have ball pockets in them which she uses because she doesn’t like to stuff the balls in her undershorts (yes, there are additional undershorts under that skirt) or 2) they are some kind of compression short that helps more than say, wrapping her thighs in a whole roll of tape.  I really hope the latter is the case.  I see big things in this girl’s future so I think we’ll be seeing much more of her.  If the shorts are for medical purposes, I can tolerate them.  If not, they need to be burned.


*Photo courtesy of AustralianOpen.com

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Nike’s Grand Group is a Grand Flop

As I stated in the Nike preview, I do not like Nike’s Grand Group collection.  The colors do not go and by themselves, are actually pretty ugly.  No two players demonstrate this better than Victoria Azarenka and Petra Kvitova.

I usually like what Azarenka wears but that dress is just plain bad.  It comes in purple but she chose to wear it in “melon” and let’s just say it’s a poor color choice.


Petra Kvitova made even poorer choices.  But the shame goes to Nike who designed this stuff in the first place.  Petra wore a printed top which is bad enough.  For her night match, she wore a purple skirt that matched the bottom of the top, creating a bad super high waisted skirt illusion.

Kvitova 2

Her day look was even worse.  She replaced the purple skirt with an orange one in the same style. All together it produces one very, very bad look.  First of all, there are too many colors going on in one look.  And second, the colors don’t even go.


*All photos courtesy of AustralianOpen.com



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